Why Is It Important To Optimize ECommerce Product Pages?

Why is it Important to Optimize eCommerce Product Pages?

Your Ecommerce product pages is one of the biggest revenue drivers for your online retail business. It is here that most of your customers will make one of the most important decisions of all: will they buy your product or will they leave your store?

Unfortunately, product pages are often a neglected part of the sales funnel. Many store owners focus on optimizing their checkout page, or on what happens when a product is in the shopping cart. However, customers only end up on these pages if the ecommerce product page is good.

Product page – What it is exactly?

Product pages exist to convince customers that your product is great and to convince them that these products solve a problem before making a final purchase decision. Nice photos of your products and well-written product descriptions are important. However, a good product page offers a lot more than just that. A great product page informs potential customers, provides some social evidence, introduces the features and benefits of the product, and helps build trust between you and the customer.

The importance of a well-articulated product page in ECommerce

  1. It acts as a lead magnet

    Before making any buying decision, the product page is the place where the customer spends most of his/her time. Therefore, the main trick to hold customers stick to your page is making an appealing product page with good photos of the product so that there is a conversion from seeing the product to buying.

    Moreover, if the product is well described with all its parameters then the customer can proceed further in the buying decision. The page should be designed in such a way that the customer can navigate through the page with much ease. Unlike brick and mortar store where you can check physically every aspect of the product, in an ecommerce store the customers are very much skeptical before buying. This is true unless you incorporate standard elements like features list, customer reviews, powerful search capabilities, and riveting product descriptions in an easy way. A lot of time if the actual product doesn’t match with the product description, the buyer returns the product to the seller. Therefore, it a red flag for both the seller and the ecommerce company.

    A well-articulated product page can turn a page visitor to an engaged buyer. Buyers clearly expect to gain something from your product: it is your job to convince them that the product will benefit them as per their expectations.

    If you visit popular ecommerce sites like Flipkart you can scroll through the various products in the product page. There are lots of ecommerce product page examples in leading ecommerce platforms where you can get every details of the product with all their details, which will help no doubt in building the brand of the company, and increase the traffic of the site.

  2. Helps in brand building

    There is no doubt about the fact that the product page will help in generating more sales. A well-informed product page will generate more sales and help in building the brand of the company. The onlythings to see are the way of presentation of the products, how will it help the customers, in price level whether it is competitive in the market and what value it brings to the customer in their daily chores.Such valuable insights can be generated by custom tech products like Wersel Workdesk, Counterfeit, Product Recommendations, and Price Intelligence products.

    Though it sounds cliché, the adage ‘Content is king’ still applies to today’s digital ecommerce platform. So if you choose your words wisely then the shoppers will definitely be attracted towards it. In addition,if you have good high-definition videos of the products it further elevates shopper engagement. Pictures on your product page only help to a limited extent. Often times, a good video that allows a thorough look at your product can help potential buyers create an emotional connection with the product.

  3. It helps in optimizing your website

    It is crucial to optimize the eCommerce website for the search engine. 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine. Hence it is essential to optimize the site as per Google algorithm updates. Google will first rank the web pages of the well-optimized ecommerce stores.

    And definitely, the buyers will more likely go through the top three ranked pages of the search engine results. And here comes the role of the ecommerce product page optimization. With your product pages, you can easily optimize it to have good traffic. And who doesn’t know that good traffic into your site can bring you more visibility, leads, and profit. The best ecommerce landing page examples optimize the page with keywords optimization in the content of the product page. Relevant keywords will definitely attract new visitors to your site.

Some of the product detail page best practices are –

A). Using Clear and Big Images in the ecommerce product detail page will definitely add an advantage from the seller’s side. If the images of the products are in HD in various angles and can be in zoomable format then the visitor can get through the images of the product clearly.

B). Call To Action Button - A CTA can be “add to cart” button or buy button which helps the visitor to initiate the purchase of the product.

C). Adding promotional videos of the product will help the visitor to have an eye catching experience and can help them in the buying decisions.

D). Add to wish list is another best pratice. Visitors not always visit the product pages to buy the product instantly,instead they compare the products in the ecommerce site with other ecommerce site's identical products.And if the decision is pending then they add the product in the “wish list” to consider it later.

E). A buyer-friendly return policy is another important practice. If the company has a sound return policy, it builds trust in the shopper’s mind. If there is any discrepancy in the product, then the customer can return it back to the seller in a hassle-free manner. Thus the seller’s goodwill is assured.

There are other practices also like Live Chat and Trust badges which in all help in the decision making factors of the customers.

To sign off

Every product, every store and every customer is different. Implement and test what makes the most sense at the moment and evaluate the results after a while. But don't let that discourage you! Often the smallest changes in your ecommerce product pages have a big effect on your business. That is why it is so important to test things out.



Wersel Marketing Team