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Get the website data available in executable formats.

Break down thousands of web pages into usable formats with Wersel’s data scraping services.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping or data scraping is an efficient process of extracting and breaking down the data available on a website into a readable file format such as a spreadsheet on your computer. And with Wersel’s web scraping services, you can effectively scrap data from any website on the internet. Our data scraping services crawl the web pages very thoroughly and extract the desired data for the client. Whether it be product catalogue, inventory data, statistical data, images, or text content, with our highly proactive web scraping solutions, you can effortlessly extract the required data from any webpage on the go.

At Wersel, we understand that most of the enterprises love data in Excel spreadsheet format, but at the same time, we also know that some businesses need data in other not-so-popular file formats. Therefore, our web scraping services emphasize making data available in various formats to the client. Plus, you don’t need any software to access and use our flexible and highly reliable web scraping services.

Services include

Accurate & Exact Data

Scraping the data on your can be a real headache. The website may change, or the agents may stop working, or in the worst case, the data might get broken. Well, not if you hire our data extractions services. All you have to do is share your data requirement with us, and we will provide you with the most relevant and accurate data from the given source.

Flexible and Scalable

It does not matter if your web scraping needs are recurring in nature or a one-time affair; our expert data scientists can flexibly take on any data harvesting project and deliver highly satisfying data extraction results in the given timeframe as per the client's needs.

Reduced Manpower Needs for You

Having hired Wersel’s web scraping services, you won't have to worry about hiring a workforce to look after debugging and manage agents, monitor the updates on targeted sites, upgrade the system specifications; you won't even have to spend extra money on anything else because everything will be taken care of by us.

No Redundancy

It doesn't matter how accurate the extracted data is; it will go in vain if it cannot be delivered to the client at the right time. Therefore, we take full accountability and complete responsibility to deliver the extracted data at the right time.

Why Partner with Wersel Workdesk?

While there are innumerable web scraping service providers, only a handful of them can manage to convert the unstructured data on the web into consumable structured data formats. And Wersel is one of them. With our expertise in versatile data scraping and extraction services, we extract and provide our clients with highly accurate data from-

Financial markets and stock markets around the world

Product catalogues, product price, inventory data, and distribution chain

Real estate and housing sector

Human resources and job details

Airlines, hotels, and travel companies

Deep web and dark web

Marketing and sales campaigns

Journalism and research projects

Social media platforms

Need enterprise-grade web scraping services?

Utilize our data scraping services and gain efficient means of collecting information that can be vital for your business profitability. Contact us immediately!