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DashX Overview

Wersel’s DashX is a next-gen BI and visualization tool that can de-clutter the noise around data and help extract invaluable insights to speed up decision making. Our AI and human intuition dashboard turns data into live visualizations and real-time metrics. The solution can be integrated via a plug-and-play mode to be instantly available on any device and power decision-making at every level across the organization. Making data-driven decisions is now simplified. Business decision makers and C-level executives need not spend time deciphering the data and can have immediate access to key takeaways instead.

DashX Features

100% customization possible

The tool allows users to create live visualization with the saved graphs. Alternatively, you can create a totally unique visualization based on your specific business needs.

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100% customization 
Supercharge numbers into 

Supercharge numbers into insights

The tool facilitates transformation of raw data into  easy-to-understand visualizations to make data-driven decisions.

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Highly interactive dashboards

The interactive dashboard allows granular level slice and dice of data to understand the impact of different scenarios.

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Highly interactive dashboards

Tap into the future trends and facilitate insightful decision making

DashX gives you visibility on the core KPIs that are mission-critical to your business

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Where can I find detailed pricing for Wersel Workdesk?

Please contact our business team for a personalized quote.

Can I add more users to my contract?

Yes. We have pricing options available for adding additional licenses. Please contact sales for a personalized quote.

How often is the data refreshed?

The data refresh rate is the frequency at which a specified connector or API can update data, either via replace, append or through upsert

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do. Access to Wersel platform API is available to our clients with premium accounts.

Do you provide free trials?

Yes, we do provide two months of trials at the moment. But you and your team can sign up for a free demo and we'll answer as many questions as we can!

How is the performance measured?

We have an online user interface through which you can reach all the performance figures, updated in real-time.

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