Online intelligence and insights are now made easy. Get data from diverse sources and power up decision making with 360 search.

DiscoverX is a robust tool that will ensure ROI with omnichannel insights


DiscoverX Overview

Wersel’s DiscoverX solution seeks to provide you a unified view of brand health across different channels – both offline and online. If you are looking for a robust tool that will ensure ROI with omnichannel insights then Discovers is the 360-degree search platform your business needs to go for. De-clutter the noise when you search for your brand. We offer a Google-like search functionality that picks up brand mentions from different sources like websites, social media, RSS feeds, documents, or images. This powerful tool will help you evaluate brand health and take timely actions to lock in the advantages of higher customer acquisitions and better brand reputation online and offline. The best part is that you don’t need an IT expert to configure and use the tool. Even business users can quickly access the insights from a unified view of the centralized platform, and see what area to focus on and what areas needs your marketer’s attention.

DiscoverX Features

Brand information retrieval made easy

A simplified yet high impact interface for searching brand information and retrieving data.

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Brand information 
retrieval made 
data now at one 

Omnichannel data now at one place

Collect and update information from different data sources, categories, and format.

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powerfull search options

Intelligent search options like auto-complete and user validation of information access

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search options
Creating jobs is 
now simpler

Creating jobs is now simpler

Ability to create jobs from search results.

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360-Degree Search And View Made Effective

See DiscoverX in action and know how it enables eCommerce success

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Where can I find detailed pricing for Wersel Workdesk?

Please contact our business team for a personalized quote.

Can I add more users to my contract?

Yes. We have pricing options available for adding additional licenses. Please contact sales for a personalized quote.

How often is the data refreshed?

The data refresh rate is the frequency at which a specified connector or API can update data, either via replace, append or through upsert

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do. Access to Wersel platform API is available to our clients with premium accounts.

Do you provide free trials?

Yes, we do provide two months of trials at the moment. But you and your team can sign up for a free demo and we'll answer as many questions as we can!

How is the performance measured?

We have an online user interface through which you can reach all the performance figures, updated in real-time.

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